Custom Pendulum


*Photos above are examples of previously custom made pendulums.


Crystal pendulums are a great support tool to any spirtual practice and can work with you to clear energy in a room, read energy centers, help to provide insight to your life and stregthen the connection to your higher self.


Your custom made pendulum will be chosen and created through a ritual process in a sacred prayer container.


NOTE: Pendulums can take up to 14 business days BEFORE shipping to be created!


If you are looking for more information on how to work with pendulums, check out my online introduction to crystal pendulums course here:


Custom Pendulum

  • Custom Pendulums can take up to 14 businessd days to be created BEFORE shipping.

    All items are shipped in eco-friendly packaging:

    • Tissue paper: Made of 100% recycled material and ph neutral fiber
    • Compostable clear bags: Made from 100% compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests
    • Shipping Box: Made from 100% recycled materiel 
    •  Packing Tape: Renewable paper backing, interwoven fiberglass threads, water-activated, high-performing corn starch adhesive. You can reuse or recycle.
    • Packing paper: made form 100% recycled materiel