60 Minutes



Forecast readings can be done at any time of the year but is especially potent any time after the winter solstice and before the beginning of spring. This is a time to rest, release, integrate and go inward and set intentions for the new cycles and seasons approaching.


This session includes a 12-card oracle reading for the next year ahead, a 3-card spiritual guidance reading covering themes and energies flowing in and out and a review of the current Tarot archetype growth cycle you are in and what’s next. There will be time for questions and session ends with a guided intention setting practice. TO PARTICIPATE IN THE INTENTION SETTING PRACTICE, YOU WILL NEED THE TOOLS which will be mailed to you upon checkout. Please make sure you shipping address is correct.


I'd also like to mention that forecast readings are not finite. Energy is fluid and shifts as you shift. The forecasting energy channeled in these sessions is intended to be an illuminating light, a shining bright lantern to help support and guide you on your journey of how to be more empowered, aligned and balanced.


*This will be a virtual session done through Zoom*


Upon checkout, you will receive an email to schedule the reading. Sessions are booked on Mondays and Fridays and some weekends, late afternoons and evenings.



Forecast Reading

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