This is a remote service done through Zoom or Facetime and is personalized for each practitioners development.


Mentorship will include coaching on how to operate your spirtual practice successfully and will be personalized to your needs. Some offering include but are not limited to:


  • Energy Healing protocls (depending on your certifications)
  • Training or coaching on how to work with Tarot & Oracle cards, pendulums, sound healing and smoke clearing.
  • Assistance in developing relationship and working with guides, allies & ancestors
  • Energetic hyigiene and Energetic protection techniwues and practices
  • Devleoping the clair senses
  • Marketing your offerings in a way thts feels good to you


Upon checkout, you will recieve an email to schedule your session. Sharlean takes session appointments on weekdays evenings and late afternoons on weekends.

Healing Arts Practitioner Mentorship (60 minutes)

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