Need some insights to your soul purpose? This reading is done through the lens of Tarot using Tarot archetypes, your birthdate and your name to confirm, illuminate or guide you on your soul path.


In this reading, I will provide you with your personality Tarot archetype, your soul Tarot archetype and the energy surrounding your name to help support and illuminate your passion path, career path and personal growth path. We also uncover your growth year Tarot archetype to show what energies are strongly surfacing now and talk about how to work with those energies.


There will be time for three questions and I will provide some energetic and spiritual healing tools for you to further work with in gaining your own insights to contiune to work with once our session is complete. After checkout, I will emaill you to confirm a session date and time within 48 hours of your purchase.


*This session is done virtually through zoom*


Please list the following in the notes section at checkout: 


1. Your Birthdate

2. Your full name (maiden)

3. Your full name (married or name change)

4. Your three questions

5. Available timse/days of week


Looking forward to working with you!

Soul Purpose Card Reading (60 Minutes)

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