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Energy healing addresses the energy field with a mind, body and soul approach. Energy healing sessions are personalized for each individual and generally include  light energy clearing, energy reading,  energy balancing and optional transformative homework.


Mediumship, card reading, depossesion, cord cutting, curse unraveling and inner child re-connection practices may also be incorporated as needed. I often refer out clients to a large network of practitioners and therapies for additional support like somatic therapy, naturopathic services, herbal support, healing ceremonies and other types of services that nourish the mind, body and soul connection.


If you are interested in trying an energy healing session with me, I take clients for sessions at Classique Queen Anne Spa on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and I am available for remote distance healing sessions through my online shop.





Virtual Integrative Energy Healing



In-Person Integrative Energy Healing

Classique Spa, Queen Anne



Just over a month ago, I received my 1st level attunement with Sharlean. In the weeks since, my life has been completely transformed! It began with the beautiful, intentional and sacred space she created for the workshop. Her knowledge and experience made it easy to relax in her presence, and her guidance allowed me to go to extraordinary places. Since then, I have experienced both physical and mental healing and my clair-senses have been activated! I didn’t understand how much blocked energy was in my body until I received this attunement from Sharlean. Straight away, I felt all of the negative energy in my body completely dissipate. I could breath better, think more clearly and felt way more energized. I feel reborn, opened up spiritually in a way I never imagined possible! I owe much of that to Sharlean’s gifted and intuitive nature. And she’s still helping me, thanks to the practical tools she provides for continuing the journey. I highly recommend Sharlean as a Reiki teacher and mentor and am forever grateful I took her course! It has been miraculous!!!!

— Lauren M

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