Reiki Practitioner Resources

To support your journey in building a Reiki practice, I offer private Reiki mentoring sessions, monthly group Reiki mentorship classes and I have a free video resource library for you to learn more.

Private Reiki Mentorship Sessions

This service is for Reiki students who have taken Reiki classes with me or have been attuned to Reiki and are looking for advanced mentorship for their personal or professional energy practice.


This mentorship is customized for each person based on the level of Reiki you are certified in and what areas you want to focus on most in your intuitive development. Some areas of focus can be working on models together, heightening intuitive connection, pendulum use, oracle cards, sound healing, aromatherapy, attachment removal, meditation and more.


This service can be booked as one single session or several sessions. If you are Reiki certified from another Reiki Master, you will need to bring a copy of your Reiki certificate with you to your appointment. 

Monthly Group Reiki Mentorship Sessions

Come and join the Reiki student mentorship class on the first thursday of each month held at Classique Queen Anne Spa

Each month will feature a new topic, occasional speakers, advanced training skills like oracle cards, pendulums, crystals and more. There will also be time to practice Reiki and ask questions. These meeting are built around the students and will be customized each month. 

*All levels of Reiki welcome, must show proof of Reiki certification to join.


  • Thursday, February 7th-The Art of Intuitive Scanning



  • 7pm-9pm


Cost: $30


  • Thursday March 7th-Advanced Reiki Techniques including Reiki energy balls, Reiki whisper and sending Reiki with your eyes.


  • 7pm-9pm


Cost $30

To register you must check out in my SHOP or through FACEBOOK.



Classique Queen Anne Spa

1901 – 10th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119

Free Video Library

Enjoy this video resource library I created that is FREE and available to Reiki students, Reiki practitioners, Reiki Masters and anyone interested in exploring these amazing tools to add to their life, spiritual practice or professional practice. 

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