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Referrals - incredible people I recommend for various healing services

Inga West

Inga has the most incredible warm and loving energy offering counseling services that include adults and children using art therapy as well as utilizing her background in spiritual development. 

Natural Reflections Healthcare

Naturopathic Medicine for The Whole family

Amy Martino

Amy has wonderful skills in astrology and parenting help! She will show you a print out of your child and their astrological personally profile as well as meet with you to answer your questions about anything you need help with in the parenting department. She truly is a gift to any mom and her child to help you understand the astrological undercurrent of your kiddo!


Barbara with Soul Proprietor Sacred Objects

Drum birthing workshops, drum bags, rattles and hand made items made in Sacred ceremony

This woman is one of the most beautiful humans to walk this planet. The items she makes in sacred ceremony are full of blessings hold Spiritual healing you can pass down your family line long after you are gone.  

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