Sound Baths

Come and experience the crystal sound waves of a restorative sound bath. In a sound bath, you will lie down on a yoga mat and experience the journey of crystal tones sound waves in what ever way your body, mind and energy respond. Outcomes can vary and shift depending on the day, time of year, bowls used and where you are at mentally, emotionally and physically. Experiencing a sound bath is one of my favorite way to cleanse the energy field and raise your vibration. 


Join me for a journey of sensation using crystalline energy, sound healing and restorative Yoga Nidra guided meditation. I will guide you through a gentle grounding meditation with a visualization journey and a sound bath using crystal tones singing bowls infusing your mind and body with crystalline energy and healing sound waves.

A crystal tones sounds bath uses beautiful crystal alchemy bowls that emit crystalline energy and sound healing. Sound healing is a passive form healing as you just lie down and allow the sound waves and crystal energies to move through you harmonizing, clearing and restoring energy. 

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