Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home or by attending a Yoga Nidra guided meditation class in your area.

Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic sleep and is an intentional guided practice while lying down in shavasana or corpse pose. If you cannot lie down, being seated in a comfortable reclined position will work as well. 

Using a point of focus throughout the meditation, Yoga Nidra strengthens the parasympathetic nervousness system allowing the sympathetic nervous system to restore and balance. Yoga nidra brings a sense of discernment and thoughtfulness as to how we use the sympathetic responses of fight, flight & freeze reactions. This is a practice of non-doing. When you are not in a state of constant stress, you can settle the stress response in your body allowing room for relief in anxiety and pain, improving the quality of sleep and immune function and more.

There is a lot of published research available about the positive effects of Yoga Nidra Meditation including images of the brain before, during and after Yoga Nidra as well as Yoga Nidra programs instituted by the department of defense to treat soldiers with PTSD.

I use Yoga Nidra on myself, in my Reiki classes to assist in the Reiki attunement process and I teach Yoga Nidra classes in the Seattle area. You can find free Yoga Nidra guided meditations on the free app called, "Insight Timer" and search Sharlean Windus.

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