Saturday, October 3rd 11am-7pm
Virtual Reiki Teacher Training

Where: Virtually through Zoom

When: Saturday, October 3rd from 11am-7pm

Requirements: Reiki level 3 certificate

Investment: $450

.n this class, you will learn how to attune others to Reiki, space holding techniques, space clearing techniques and group meditation techniques. You will need to be a certified Reiki Master to attend. Please email your certificate upon registration to:

  • Learn more about Reiki here.

  • Read this article on Reiki here.

  • Watch this video about Reiki here.

  • Listen to this radio interview on Reiki here:

Saturday, October 17th
Intuitive Development with Crystal Pendulums

Where: Nivata Yoga Studio

When: Saturday, October 17th from 1pm-5pm

Requirements: Crystal Pendulum

Investment: $75

What you will learn:

  • How to select a crystal pendulum

  • How to clear the energy of a crystal pendulum

  • How to program a crystal pendulum

  • Benefits of a CRYSTAL pendulum

  • How to use a pendulum to fact check EVERYTHING with your higher self

  • How to connect to your guides using a crystal pendulum

  • How to intuitively eat using a crystal pendulum

  • Crystal pendulum chakra reading

  • How to ensure an accurate pendulum reading

  • Crystal pendulum energy clearing

  • Crystal pendulum space clearing

  • 10 + investigative questions with crystal pendulum answers










Introduction to Using Oracle Cards for Intuitive Development





Crystal Healing Practitoner Course

Saturday, November 7th
Become an Oracle Card Reader

Where: Nivata Yoga Studio

When: Saturday, November 7th from 1pm-7pm

Requirements: Must bring one oracle card deck to class

Investment: $125

In this introductory class, you will learn how to build your intuition using oracle cards. By the end of this course you will be equipped to use oracle cards for enhanced intuition and a deepening connection of mind, body & spirit as well as how to begin reading for others.

What you'll learn:

How to use oracle cards
How to connect with your intuition using oracle cards
How to develop the clair senses using oracle cards
10+ layouts and types of oracle card readings
How to ensure an accurate reading
How to build a deep relationship with spirit guides
How to interpret oracle card readings
How to build a deep relationship with spirit guides
Spiritual ethics

Saturday, December 5th
Crystalline Sound Bath

Where: Nivata Yoga Studio

When: Saturday, December 5th from 7pm-8:30pm

Requirements: Open mind & open heart

Investment: $45

Our sound bath will bathe you with vibrations of crystalline energy-balancing sound. We will begin with a short guided meditation introducing you to crystalline energy so you can connect on a deeper level to the alchemy of the crystal bowls. Following the sound bath we will end with a crystal oracle card reading showing you the crystal that could benefit your energy at this time.

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