I’m Sharlean Windus, and I teach people how to heal themselves by developing their intuition, accessing their higher awareness and making internal connections. The process of healing and awakening can be profound and incredibly life changing. I help you explore the many facets of well-being covering intuitive development, sound healing and guided meditation to affect real change from within. I love coaching and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. It is my passionate belief that energy medicine should resonate with everyone emotionally, intellectually, physically and rationally.


I’m a Reiki Master teacher, a contributor to natural health publications, and a podcaster.



What started as an aesthetician offering expert skincare and natural health tips expanded steadily over 20 years into teaching holistic energy wellness workshops. It’s a realization of a life-long dream to teach others how to live mindfully and how to use energy to attain balance, change and healing in their lives. I still get goosebumps when a client has their own realizations or epiphany!

Balance From Within
Everything starts in the mind. All thoughts and intentions manifest what’s happening mentally and shows the world what’s going on emotionally, physically and spiritually. This can show up as an amazing glow and cheerful disposition or as depression and sickness – or something as seemingly innocent as chronic digestive issues, to name a few. I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, and its effect on the body. This is why I’ve dedicated my lifestyle and career to coaching clients about mindful living and energy healing. I believe an excellent self-care regime and treatment plan is essential to attaining and keeping balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life. Learn how guided meditation works on the psyche and nervous system, or how sound baths can help alleviate physical pain and raise vibration.

My intimate knowledge of Reiki as both a practitioner and a certified traditional Reiki Master teacher has uniquely positioned me to offer customized energy healing experiences. My treatments combine several holistic therapies including intuitive interpretation, chakra balancing, crystal singing bowls, herbal smoke clearing, oracle card readings and more. I teach clients that their unique energy is what transforms their Reiki treatments. Schedule an Integrating Reiki session with me at Classique Queen Anne Spa to experience connecting to your intuition.

I also teach three levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki for those ready to start or continue their journey in becoming Reiki certified, and provide mentoring to students who want to enhance their energy practice.


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Energy Medicine
Have you tried traditional medical methods to overcome on-going mental or physical issues but wasn’t satisfied, or became frustrated with the outcome and now want to try energy healing? Or maybe you’re curious about the metaphysical after running into a friend who practically glowed, and they told you they just had an amazing Reiki or sound bath session? Join me for small, intuitive development workshops to learn how to activate your clair senses, intuition, and maintain your energy field to help you heal yourself. As always, follow your doctor’s orders if you have a medical or mental condition that needs monitoring. These workshops DO NOT take the place of traditional medicine but help you to take control of your life, mind, and energy in a safe space for healing.

Online Workshops
Are you curious about energy work or the metaphysical? Try one of my courses on Udemy at your own pace. I’m continually adding to my library of online workshops to bring you the latest in energy healing and elevate your awareness. Workshops cover a variety of subjects like Oracle cards, clair senses, pendulums and more!


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In my free time, I like to renew my spirit by hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family, gardening, creating plant medicine tinctures (herbalism) and of course meditating in a soaking hot bath with essential oils. I’m also currently finishing my first book on holistic health.