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I’m Sharlean Windus, and I teach people how to heal themselves by developing their intuition, accessing their higher awareness and making internal connections. The process of healing and awakening can be profound and incredibly life changing through rituals, ceremony and energy healing. It is my passionate belief that energy medicine should resonate with everyone emotionally, intellectually, physically and rationally and NEVER takes the place of western medicine, there can be cohesive balance of both when needed. I am a contributor to natural health publications, and a podcaster.



What started as an aesthetician offering expert skincare and natural health tips expanded steadily over 20 years into teaching holistic energy wellness workshops and performing healing ceremonies. It’s a realization of a life-long dream to teach others how to live mindfully and how to use energy to attain balance, change and healing in their lives. I still get goosebumps when a client or student has their own realizations or epiphany!

Balance From Within
There are many layers to consider when looking at total body wellness and healing. Ancestral energy and history, collective energy, boundaries, health history, environment, energy hygiene and what is going on in the mind, body and spirit. All thoughts and intentions manifest what’s happening mentally and shows the world what’s going on emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ve dedicated my lifestyle and career to supporting others in mindful living and energy healing.

Energy Healing
My intimate knowledge of energy healing as both a healing arts practitioner and a energy healing instructor has uniquely positioned me to offer customized energy healing experiences.  I teach clients that their unique energy is what transforms their healing sessions. Schedule an in-person energy healing session with me at Classique Queen Anne Spa to experience connecting to your intuition or a virtual healing session through my website.

Ready to take a class?

Online Workshops
Are you curious about energy work or the metaphysical? Try one of my courses on Udemy at your own pace. I’m continually adding to my library of online workshops to bring you the latest in energy healing and elevate your awareness. Workshops cover a variety of subjects like Oracle cards, clair senses, pendulums and more!


Get started on your journey.

In my free time, I like to renew my spirit by hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family, gardening, creating plant medicine ritual healing products and support tools and meditating in a soaking hot bath with salts and herbs.


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