Divine Downloads

Episode #1

Follow along to learn how the podcast was born from a Divine Download!

Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism & Spiritual Ethics

Episode #4


A wonderfully enlightening interview with Shamanic Practitioner and CEO of the Centre for Shamanism, Rhonda McCrimmon.

Halloween, Samhain & Ancestors

Episode #2

Origins or Halloween and Samhain, why connecting with ancestors may be helpful and the story of Stingy Jack.


Episode #5

Take a look at anxiety through the lens of energy and find ways to connect to this energy that empower you.


Episode #3


Listen to my story of my first conscious experience of a clairvoyant premonition and remember your intuitive power within.

Grief with Maybelle Zante

Episode #6

In this episode we explore grief, losing a loved one and ways to feel held and nourished.

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