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Visit the Energy Body Transformation School to enroll in online healing arts classes that will support intuitive development, spiritual growth and overall mind-body-spirit healing. The classes are pre-recorded videos with printable resources you can download. Once enrolled in a class, you will have lifetime access to watch and learn at your own pace.

The recommended first class to take for all students is the Spiritual & Energetic Ethics Course. This course supports you in creating your own personal code of spiritual ethics which is the foundation to anchor in as you develop intuitively and spiritually. This course encourages energetic and spiritual safety for YOU and clients (if you are a practitioner) and provides resources for a balanced, aligned and universally protected energy field.

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Spiritual & Energetic Ethics Course


This is an excellent course for anyone beginning their spiritual journey and can be a great review and inspiration for growth and transformation to those who are more spiritually seasoned.


This is a MUST HAVE course for all types of healing arts practitioners, mediums, readers, priests or priestess, witches, light workers or any type of service provider in energy healing and spiritual service.


This course is designed to support you in energetically building a stable foundation creating a safe, clear and conscious energy within yourself and your spiritual practice.


When the course is complete, you will be prepared to revise or create your own code of spiritual and energetic ethics.

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